Vad vi pratar om

Graduation project
Book design
Editorial design

Vad vi pratar om (What we talk about) is an exploration of the things we say to each other, and how much it can say about ourselves and the times we live in. With eavesdropping as a method, the project resulted in a 500 page book with overheard conversations from eight different parts of Sweden – with the aspiration of giving an outside perspective on both ourselves and our conversations. Printed in 100 copies by Livonia Print, 2023. 

Awarded with the visual communication scholarship by Beckmans College of Design 2023 ︎︎︎


The Quest

Art direction
Visual identity
Motion design

Why is scent often perceived as abstract and elusive? Is it our associations to memories that make our olfaction so individually experienced? Despite this, is it possible to recreate a scent based on other people's descriptions of it?
    These are the questions we built our concept, campaign and work around when we were asked to collaborate with the Parisian perfumery school ISIPCA. Based on our memories and descriptions of a specific scent, they tried to recreate it while we built a visual world of the project and the process. The result is The Quest – an explorational pursuit of trying to find and recreate what you’re looking for.

Made in collaboration with Anna Ericsson Hybbinette ︎︎︎.
Exhibited at La Fabrique, Paris and A house Ark, Stockholm.



Editorial design

Rondo is a broadsheet magazine about classical music that uses the number of one as a method; each issue consists of one writer, one essay, one color and one typeface throughout the whole magazine. 

Made in collaboration with Anna Ericsson Hybbinette, Lova Rehle and Wasim Harwill. Printed in 30 copies by Newspapper Club, 2022.


Cover art

Cover art for the single Embers by the metal band Forsaken Soil, founded at the Ingesund School of Music. 

Beckmans College of Design

Visual identity
Motion design

Due to Beckmans College of Designs relocation in mid 2022, we were asked to propose a new visual identity for the school.
    Beckmans is a place where creativity and curiosity flourish and evolve, and the new concept symbolises the ups and downs and the never-ending movement of the design process, visualized as the new G-symbol. It stands for Göta Trägårdh – one of the two founders of the school – that finally gets to take the place in the history, as well as in the identity, of Beckmans College of Design that she deserves. 

Made in collaboration with Anna Ericsson Hybbinette ︎︎︎.